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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 11, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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what do you mean? i think there's someone else out there. someone who's more of a danger than the archer. and i am going to take him down.
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breaking news in oakland: t city just saw it's 4-th home of the d breaking news in oakland. the city just saw its fourth homicide of the day. the most recent just a few blocks away from bishop o'dowd high school in east oakland. julia goodvich in oakland. >> reporter: the suspects are still at large. it has been a deadly and chaotic day. four homicides in six hours. the latest shooting reported at 18:15 tonight -- 8:15 tonight. police searching open car port, and the entire area for the
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suspects at large. neighbors reported they heard 20-30 gunshots. one man is confirmed dead. this following three other homicides today, those happening within a 2-hour timespan this afternoon. police are still looking for the suspects in all of today's deadly incidents. but they are especially concentrating their efforts along north avenue where this latest shooting occurred. it is an active crime scene. at this point it's still active, certainly a lot of gun fire today, and four homicides in the past six hours. but at this point, no correlation as to whether they're related or not. police are just trying to keep
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the streets safe. >> thank you. it was a busy day in oakland, for sure. still on the run, a jail inmate who escaped custody in oakland while being taken to a medical checkup. the man broke free of his shackles and his clothing. >> reporter: deputies ran from house torous with their guns drawn searching for a violent escapee. oakland police, bart police, alameda deputies blocked off an area to search for this man. >> you have yards that are not asymmetrical. there's a lot of overgrowth. >> reporter: sources tell me he was facing a long prison term for a number of robberies and
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kidnappings. he might have faked his medical condition so he could escape jail where he had been locked up since july. >> we're trying to see if he was able to manipulate it or if the shackems were placed on -- shackles were placed oin correctly. >> reporter: -- incorrectly. >> reporter: rather authorities went from house to house, looking for him. his mother and girlfriend live in this neighborhood. >> he may have had some help. or he may have just had some friendly people along the way. >> reporter: the sheriff's department sent me this file. there are eight mug shots of him back to 2002. he has a lengthy criminal record. and as of friday, they still have not located him. in oakland, cbs 5.
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an autopsy will be done next week on the body found at a recycling center in the north bay. it was found this afternoon at the novato disposal service in petaluma. a worker uncovered the body from mounds of paper and cardboard. the identity of the man has not been released because his family has not been notified. investigators are considering it a suspicious death. police are expanding their search for two armed robbers after a frightening overnight hostage situation. this happened at a southern california nordstrom just after 11:00 pm last night. 14 people were held hostage. one person was stabbed, another sexually assaulted. with the entire complex on lockdown, dozens of people inside a nearby movie theert were also forced to stay put -- theatre were also forced to stay put. >> they said there's two guys with armed rifles inside the store, and they had a woman held
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host age. >> police are reviewing security camera footage from inside the store and looking for images of the stops reles to the public -- suspects to release to the public. a student suspended for having a hit list. the shooting happened in taft, california, southwest of bakersfield. the juvenile was booked for murder and assault with a deadly weapon. it's a new leash on life for a pitbull who bit a police officer. charley will live after being on death row for months. >> reporter: charley the dog is off death row. a few hours ago, the city of san francisco reached a deal with his owner. >> he relinquished ownership of
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charley so that we could place him with a rescuer sanctuary. >> reporter: the 2-year-old pitbull will not be euthanized. police deemed him dashlgous and sentenced -- dangerous and sentenced him to death in august after he chased and attacked a police horse. since then, his owner has been rallying for his dog's life, launching a huge internet campaign. it also drew quite a bit of criticism. animal control officials say the owner never took responsibility for his dog. the city attorney agreed to spare the dog's life with a catch. the owner would have to give him occupy and sign him over -- up and sign him over to a rescue organization. >> he will have no contact with the future owner in any way, shape, or form. he will receive updates about his health and well being. and that concludes the matter. >> reporter: we asked a trainer
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if charley who has attacked in the past can be retabltated. >> i -- rehabilitated. >> i think it's possible for all dogs. it has to be the right person. >> reporter: most dogs react aggressively based on fear. and in charley's case, the first step would be on take him on walks. >> when a horse goes by, your job is just to sit here and take a cookie, or do shake. something other than chase. >> reporter: i tried contacting owner over the phone. he updated the facebook page. "i have settled with the city and charley will not be killed. he will not be coming home. thank you for having hay heart and loving charley." reporting live in san francisco, alisa harrington, cbs 5. another cold night underway as temperatures plunge again! roberta gonzalez joining us to
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tell us how low it's going to go. >> tonight will be just as cold as it was last night, but not as cold as tomorrow. looking toward san francisco where we have the flag on the fly. boasting our san francisco 49ers, atop the embarcadero! the wind is going to make all the difference on how low we go. 49 in santa rosa, 40 in livermore. 28 degrees to the north. freezing throughout the santa clara valley. 30s, 40s throughout the central bay. and the red highlighted area, once again a freeze warning all the way into hollister. the blue area is an indication that most of the area will dip into the 30s. tonight, 20s and 30s.
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tomorrow, additional cooling takes place. we'll talk about that later. it's no secret. finding a place cheap to rent in san francisco is nearly impossible. and as cbs 5 joe vasquez shows us, that's not the only bay area market is skyrocketing right now! >> rents in san francisco are unlivable. >> reporter: amanda, a kpbs production assistant, is looking for an affordable place in san francisco. she's hoping for $1,000. >> there's a room in the back of a kitchen. there was another room, and it was just -- obviously had been converted from maybe a laundry room. i don't know. it had no closet, no window. >> it's the most expensive housing market in the country. >> reporter: the rents are skyrocketing. the median rent
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in san francisco is $3,100 a month. san mateo, $2,550, the lowest in the bay area is $1,400 in solano county. $1,400! in the city , this is what you'll get for $1,395. a studio apartment. >> i posted it on tuesday, and i've gotten at least 40 calls and e-mails. >> we're seeing big price increases because some prices are rebounding. in the east bay, we're seeing huge price rebounds because prices fell so much during the housing bubble. >> reporter: in the last year, alameda county had a 13.2% increase in rent. >> i want a room of my own. joept to share. i don't think it's too much to ask. one of the famed and
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beloved san francisco brown twins has died. vivian passed away in her sleep in an assisted living facility wednesday night after battling alzheimer's. she and her sister became san francisco staples after moving here from michigan more than four decades ago. after vivian fell ill in july, marion brown says she visited her sister in the hospital every day. >> well, my heart's broken. that's all i can say. i loved her so much . >> the twins ate together every day at uncle vito's on bush street. vivian would have turned 86 later this month. a big day for san jose and the city's airport as travelers finally take flight for japan. what about the plane itself? >> 11 years, three months, and counting, but maybe not for much
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longer. the agreement that could finally end the war in afghanistan. >> and a piece of revolutionary war history which sat quietly in new york's central park for about 130 years! and that's a good thing, considering what they just found inside it. ,,,,,,,,,,
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bumped into the bay bridge week, is back at sea. the "overseas reymar" shipped o this morning for an undiscl location, where it the damaged oil tanker is back out to sea. it shipped out this morning where it will be repaired. it has been anchored east of alcatraz all week while
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investigators collected evidence with the brush with one of the bridge towers. and the long-awaited dream of nonstop service from silicon valley to asia took flight today for real in san jose. it is the launch of the first regular dreamliner route from the bay area to tokyo. passengers raved about the new service. and then there's the investment boeing has made in that dreamliner. $32 billion for planes that will sell for about $32 million a piece. but the effort hasn't been without some setbacks. now the government has some questions. >> reporter: it's boeing's most technological advanced airplane. but a week of glitches prompted
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the faa to ask what is going on. >> we are confident about the safety of this aircraft. but we're concerned about these incident, and we will conduct the review until we're completely satisfied. >> reporter: in one incident, a japan airlines plane leaked with 40 gallons of fuel on the runway. >> japan air center, having pulled your position, we have fire trucks coming to you. >> reporter: a fire started in the belly of another plane shortly after it landed at logan. but passengers had already left. there were two other incidents on 787s in japan, a cracked windshield and an oil leak. boeing instifrts it's not -- insists it's not unusual to run into growing pains. >> every new commercial airplane has issues. >> reporter: united is the only american carrier using the dreamliner. the faa has ordered a team of experts to scrutinize how it was assembled and manufactured. the emphasis will
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be on the plane's electrical systems which power nearly everything the dreamliner does. the planes will not be grounded during the review. >> i would have absolutely no reservation of boarding one of these planes and taking a flight. >> reporter: boeing plans to build 10 each month bypass the end of the year. >> faa technical experts logged some 200,000 hours testing in reviewing the design before it was ever certified. new to america aeb second longest -- america's second longest war. afghanistan. the invasion came 11 years and 3 month bes ago. 2,174 americans have given their lives there. eighteen thousand have been wounded. and the war has cost $560 billion. but the end appears to be in sight.
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and it may come sooner than expected. >> president karzai updated me on the afghan government's road to peace. and we agreed this process should be advanced. >> reporter: prospects remain dim. and taliban fighting is not expected to let up. but the u.s. combat role will never be the same. >> our troops will continue to fight alongside afghans when needed. but let me say it as plainly as i can: starting this spring, our troops will have a different mission. training, advising, assisting afghan forces. it will be a historic moment and another step toward full afghan sovereignty. >> reporter: mr. obama and the afghan president agreed to accelerate the transition of u.s. forces from combat to
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training. karzai welcomed the smaller u.s. presence. >> numbers are not going to make a difference to the situation in afghanistan. withdraw will make a difference in afghanistan and the region. >> reporter: how many u.s. forces will remain in afghanistan after 2014? pentagon recommendations range from 300 to 9,000. and if deployed, at least 1/3 of those forces will be devoted to fighting and killing the remnants of al-qaeda and its affiliates. a quick note from america's first war. a revolutionary war canyon in new york was still loaded. it has been in central park since the civil war. but it wasn't until today that workers removed the seal and found the cannonball was still fully loaded!
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the bomb squad removed the powder but left the ball. good evening, everybody! we have so much going on right now. very cold temperatures, a bitter breeze, and rain and san jose in the mountains! ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> shay shoot us from here -- they shoot us from here up, right? but i know someone wearing uggs tonight. >> and someone wearing bermuda shorts! we never fear the cold weather. let's head outside. we do have partly cloudy skies in the city of san francisco. otherwise here's the high-def doppler radar. zooming in on some precipitation. and look at the mix of rain, snow, sleet in
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the santa cruz mountains! otherwise a combination of partly cloudy skies over san francisco. 40 degrees in livermore, 42 in san jose, mid-40s in oakland. gusting up to 24. the wind will keep the temperatures from going down below 27 degrees in livermore. these numbers similar to last night. that is why the weather service has issued another freeze warning for the highlighted areas, most of the bay area. 20s and 30s. another view of coit tower. another cold night! saturday we will have some frost for opener, and a cool day! the extended forecast does call for saturday night over the coldest temperatures so far this season! a cold air mass firmly in place
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with the passage of a front. two more nights! that's what we have to deal with with subfreezing temperatures. 29 is the high in the south shore after an overnight low of 2 below 0! tomorrow, highs only 40s and 50s. and then the low and mid-20s. saturday night overnight, we'll take up with the frost on sunday. and then by thursday, starting to realize seasonal high temperatures. but most notably, we will have dry days. 49er football, bundle up! if you're watching vern glen, you don't even feel the chill because he's hot! [ laughter ] >> red-hot! >> yes, you are. [ laughter ] >> thank you, thank you very
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reportedly will confess to g performance enhancing drugs...start the clock r tedly will lance armstrong reportedly will confess to using performance enhancing drugs! start the clock! armstrong reportedly will admit to doping during a scheduled taped interview with oprah winfrey on moneyed to be aired next thursday -- monday to be aired next thursday. he has denied doping for years! the warrior, no 2-game skid tonight against portland.
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steph curry, the pass to david lee! warriors up by 20 in the 2nd half! and damian lillard, he grew up a warrior fan! a career 37 point! in the end, the ws got it done! langer fan, what is life -- laker fans, what is life like? kevin durant dropped 42 on you! the lake show, 6 games under.500. and the packer, they have arrived, kickoff at the '9ers just after 5:00 tomorrow! and we understand just right down the street, a steakhouse held several packers for their pregame meal. i'd given you the name, but the check hasn't cleared. [ laughter ] >> and 48 degrees here? that's summertime in green bay!
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[ laughter ] c-b-s s-f dot com. ,, ,,,,


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